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ApaCare Professional Polishing Toothpaste by Kiyomi Dental


ApaCare Professional toothpaste has a high cleaning power as well as innovative cleaning particles. It effectively removes plaque and discolouration.

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ApaCare Professional: Your Polishing Toothpaste Solution

Discover how ApaCare Professional can revolutionize your dental care routine with its powerful cleaning action and innovative particles:

Innovative Cleaning Power

Our polishing toothpaste ApaCare Professional boasts exceptional cleaning power. Its innovative cleaning particles, with an RDA index of approximately 150 (which decreases during polishing), effectively remove dental plaque and surface stains.

Gentle and Pleasant Results

After polishing, you'll feel your teeth's surface exceptionally smooth and pleasant. The polishing toothpaste ApaCare Professional ensures a comfortable experience for the patient, leaving a fresh and revitalized smile.

Strengthened with Medical Hydroxyapatite

Enriched with medical hydroxyapatite, our polishing paste adheres to the tooth's surface during the process, providing effective coverage of dentinal tubules. This action strengthens dental structure and promotes oral health.

Ideal After Periodontal Therapy or Professional Dental Hygiene

ApaCare Professional is especially recommended after periodontal treatments or professional dental hygiene sessions. With a sodium fluoride content of 14,050 ppm, it offers exceptional protection against cavities without containing harmful preservatives.

Convenience in Every Tube

Each tube of polishing toothpaste ApaCare Professional contains 75 ml of product, providing you with enough quantity for your daily oral care. Elevate your oral hygiene routine with results you can feel and see!


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