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IPG Dental Group was created to house four major brands that represent the four main divisions of the company. Its objective is to create 360º solutions with the best quality and service on the market that, by working together, are capable of changing the status quo of modern dentistry.


Endovations was born in 2008 as a pioneering project in the dental sector. It is the only depot specialised in endodontics in Spain.

Its purpose since day one is to bring specialists in this field closer to all the latest products. The Endovations team’s passion for endodontics is a shining example of the company's philosophy: to provide the best solutions to dentists through dental products of the highest quality, with effective technical support and impeccable customer service.

Since its inception, Endovations has been firmly committed to training. The company collaborates with some of the most relevant and reputable national and international specialists to promote knowledge by disseminating information on the latest trends. Digitisation and the most recent technological advances have allowed a global expansion of communication with professionals, combining face-to-face training and online training on five continents.

Currently Endovations sells some of the leading brands in the sector exclusively, such as Avalon Biomed, B&L Biotech, Produits Dentaires (PDSA), Kiyomi and Zarc.


Vittrea was launched on the market in 2018, creating magnification solutions tailored to each dentist. Through development of the latest technological advances, this young company manages to offer an incomparable improvement in visual performance, as well as ergonomic, healthy and comfortable posture for dental professionals.

Proper use of magnification technology allows for more accurate diagnoses, improves postural habits, and reduces eye strain. For this reason, Vittrea’s experienced team of optometrists and product specialists carry out an ergonomic study of each professional to help them select the dental loupes with the magnification and frame that best suit their needs.

In addition, Vittrea’s catalogue includes CJ-Optik Flexion microscopes, designed to achieve maximum precision to perform the most demanding procedures. This line of dental microscopes goes head-to-head with the best in the world thanks to its apochromatic lens system, which provides a high-quality image without distortions, and to its design that makes it easier to use and thereby simplifies the day-to-day work of the specialist.

Vittrea collaborates with different universities and training centres in order to promote knowledge of the benefits of working with magnification, hand in hand with the best experts. Vittrea Academy is the area specialised in practical workshops and applications of surgical loupe and microscope use, always staying at the forefront of new applications.


Zarc became a reality after a long process of research and clinical practice. With this background, in 2020 this pioneering project was launched in Spain aimed at revolutionising the world of endodontics.

The objective of Zarc is to universalise endodontics of the highest quality by creating innovative products capable of meeting the needs of the best professionals at an affordable price. Through the O2O philosophy, from odontologists to odontologists, Zarc designed BlueShaper®, the instrumentation system that kicked off the 6th generation of NiTi instruments. It is the first multi-alloy rotary file system on the market with 2 alloys, pink + blue, which facilitate simple and extremely effective instrumentation. The pink alloy is present in the BlueShaper Z1 file and offers never seen before torsion resistance, while the blue alloy is found in the rest of the instruments to increase their flexibility without reducing their cutting effectiveness and provide greater resistance to cyclic fatigue. 

Despite its short history, the company already has the support of more than 40 international opinion leaders in charge of continuous training, to which Zarc is greatly committed. To date, more than 100 courses have been taught at universities and training centres, and our products have been tested in more than 1,000 clinical cases.

Currently, the company has a presence in international congresses and events such as APEC2021 (Beirut), AEEDC (Dubai), Expodentaria (Portugal) or Expodental (Spain). Its innovative products for endodontics have already conquered professionals from all over Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.


Kiyomi is a project built and based on the objective of offering a comprehensive service of aesthetic dentistry that accompanies the entire endodontic process from start to finish and closes the circle with the rest of the divisions of IPG Dental.

Thanks to their exceptional quality and careful attention to detail, Kiyomi teeth whitening and restorative dentistry products are endorsed by opinion leaders who have already tested them and demonstrated their results in a large number of clinical cases.

Kiyomi is the most innovative response to the demands of aesthetic dentistry in the 21st century. Its experienced team of specialists in aesthetic dentistry works to find the perfect balance between excellence and simplicity, offering a wide range of products for clinical and home whitening, remineralisation and restorations.

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