ApaCare Liquid Mouthwash by Kiyomi Dental

ApaCare Liquid Mouthwash by Kiyomi Dental


ApaCare Liquid mouthwash reduces incipient caries and periodontal bacteria and protects your teeth thanks to its protective coating.

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Discover ApaCare Liquid: Your Shield Against Cavities

ApaCare Liquid antibacterial mouthwash, enriched with medical hydroxyapatite, is your ally in the fight against cavities and periodontal bacteria. Learn how this liquid enamel can protect and enhance your oral health:

Remineralization and Protection

Thanks to its protective layer, ApaCare Liquid remineralizes your teeth, reducing incipient cavities and strengthening your tooth enamel. This unique formula protects and prevents dental problems.

Strengthening with Hydroxyapatite

The minerals in hydroxyapatite adhere to your teeth, penetrating interdental spaces, cracks, and defects. This results in smoother and brighter teeth, improving the aesthetics of your smile and its health.

Fighting Pathogenic Bacteria

ApaCare Liquid contains essential oils with antibacterial properties that combat biofilms and pathogenic bacteria. Use it twice a day to maintain a healthy mouth.

Convenient Size

Each bottle of ApaCare Liquid contains 200 ml of product, providing you with a generous amount for your daily oral care routine. Plus, it's alcohol-free, ensuring a gentle experience for your mouth.


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