PSPIX2 Intraoral Plate Scanner by Acteon

PSPIX2 Intraoral Plate Scanner by Acteon


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The PSPIX² intraoral radiological scanner from Acteon expands the boundaries of radiological exploration, providing better differentiation of dental tissues. This technology, called SHARP VIEW, is based on the use of broad-spectrum optical microfibers for the guided transmission of photon emissions, delivering high contrast.

Thanks to this system, various anatomical structures are detected with unprecedented precision, leading to a much faster and reliable diagnosis. PSPIX² incorporates the Sopro Imaging software, an intuitive, ergonomic, and efficient tool for advanced radiographic image processing.

Furthermore, the phosphor plates are more flexible and thinner, providing maximum comfort for the patient. They are available in a wide range of sizes for complete adaptation to the patient and their clinical needs:

Size 0 - Active surface of 22 x 35 cm (child)

Size 1 - Active surface of 24 x 40 cm (child, adult, periapical)

Size 2 - Active surface of 31 x 41 cm (adult, interproximal, periapical)

Size 3 - Active surface of 27 x 54 cm (interproximal)

The usage is easy, intuitive, and convenient. The workplace is selected on the touch screen, the phosphor plate is inserted, and the scanning process is done automatically. The PSPIX² scanner is designed for personal or multi-user use and can be shared among up to 10 workstations.

For maximum convenience for professionals, the usage process of the PSPIX² intraoral radiological scanner from Acteon is fully automated:

Auto-Access: The door only opens when the phosphor plate is inserted.

Auto-Detect: The PSPIX² automatically detects the size of the inserted phosphor plate.

Auto-Scan: The PSPIX² scans and optimizes the image before displaying it on the required screen.

Auto-Eject: The phosphor plate is automatically erased and ejected for immediate reuse.

Eco-Mode: The PSPIX² automatically switches to economic mode when not used for an extended period.

Additionally, it is up to three times smaller than other market phosphor plate image scanners. PSPIX² provides the highest level of protection. It has detachable parts that comply with the latest thermal washer-disinfector disinfection standards. It also incorporates sterilizable removable parts to eliminate the risk of infection. It comes with hygienic and protective covers ensuring a high degree of protection against cross-contamination.


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