Canal obturation like you never heard before

Today we will explain one of the most important aspects in endodontics: the obturation process. It is undoubtedly one of the keys to the success of any endodontic treatment.

What is the obturation process?

Obturation of a tooth involves filling the canal with specific materials after removing the pulp. To obturate successfully, it is essential to fill them uniformly to prevent reinfection.

The goal is to eliminate leaks from the oral cavity or periapical tissues and seal all irritating agents that cannot be completely removed within the system.

What material is used for effective obturation?

The most popular material for canal obturation is gutta-percha. The uniqueness of this material is that it can be applied cold as a solid mass or hot, becoming flexible, sticky, and capable of flowing under high pressure. Thanks to these properties, it is the ideal material for filling narrow and delicate dental canals.

What are the most common techniques?

There are countless techniques for tackling root canal obturation. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Single cone. A gutta-percha cone is inserted into the canal and sealed with obturation cement.
  • Lateral condensation. By making space laterally with a spreader, several gutta-percha cones are inserted along with a small amount of sealer cement until the canal is completely filled.
  • Vertical condensation. The technique involves heating a gutta-percha cone inside the canal and compacting it in successive applications.
  • Injectable thermoplastic gutta-percha. Heated gutta-percha is injected into the canal.
  • Thermomechanical compaction or gutta-percha thermocompaction. An instrument similar to a file is inserted into the canal, rotating between 8000 and 10000 rpm. At this rotation speed, the heat generated by friction compacts the gutta-percha apically, while the condenser is driven coronally.
  • Core carriers, wrapped with alpha gutta-percha. These utilize carriers for the application of the soft substance. This system enables the material to be distributed with reasonable apical control and uniform density.

The most comprehensive obturation systems on the market

Next, we will mention three of the most comprehensive obturation systems on the market. They combine vertical and thermoplastic condensation techniques to offer specialists a system capable of addressing all types of obturations in the most complex canals.

Superendo by B&L

It is a system composed of 2 pieces:

  • 1. Alpha II handpiece for vertical condensation. With an ergonomic design, it can distribute weight properly to reduce specialist fatigue during treatment. It has 6 holes that securely connect the condenser, preventing its rotation during use. It comes with a battery with 4 hours of autonomy.

  • 2. Beta Mini wireless gun for thermoplastic condensation. It has needles that rotate 360° and perfect ergonomics to offer maximum comfort to the endodontist. It incorporates a safety feature to prevent minor accidental burns of the dentist with the hot needle or gutta-percha.

Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc

The Z-Down + Z-Up system by Zarc consists of 2 pieces:

  • 1. Z-Down. It is an ergonomic and extremely lightweight vertical condensation system. It generates a continuous wave of heat transmission. Its use is straightforward: it can be turned on and off in any position and offers a very comfortable and secure grip. It has a temperature range from 90 to 250°C and can memorize up to 5 customizable programs (temperature and time). It heats up and cools down in just a few seconds to offer maximum safety to the patient and specialist. Also, only 4 to 6 mm of the tip heats up to avoid burns to soft tissue. Z-Down includes a lithium battery that allows the system to function while charging.

  • 2. Z-Up. Zarc's three-dimensional thermoplastic obturation system achieves impeccable canal filling. It can maintain the thermoplastic temperature of gutta-percha, allowing it to flow smoothly inside. This allows for uniform and seamless obturation. Additionally, it rotates 360° to facilitate optimal filling from any position.

It also has a temperature range from 90 to 250°C and, like Z-Down, can memorize up to 5 customizable programs. This piece is equipped with a display to adjust temperature and exclusion speed, as well as an indicator of the remaining gutta-percha level. It can be used while charging.

Gutta-Smart by Dentsply Sirona

Gutta-Smart is Dentsply Sirona's latest vertical and thermoplastic obturation system. It is a completely wireless system with a long-lasting battery.

It offers ergonomic design to facilitate the dentist's work. The 2 handpieces that make up the system have a 360° activation ring, making it a very comfortable and easy-to-use system. It comes with an indicator of the remaining gutta-percha level, providing the endodontist with all the necessary information at all times.

Temperature, volume, and flow can be adjusted on its charging base.

Advantages of working with these systems

Working with a high-quality system is crucial in achieving truly effective results for the patient. Any error in the process can have significant consequences for the patient's oral health, so it is essential to carry out safe and long-lasting treatments with the most advanced and trusted equipment.

The latest obturation technology allows:

- Preventing leaks due to increased gutta-percha density.

- Improving the filling of lateral canals due to the greater flow of the hot material.

- Improving adaptation to the original dentin of the canal.

- Being less aggressive to the anatomy of the root canal.

- Increasing efficiency compared to traditional lateral condensation systems.

- Performing easier and faster treatments.

Welcome to the future of endodontics!

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