Obturation System Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc
Obturation System Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc
Obturation System Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc
Obturation System Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc
Obturation System Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc
Obturation System Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc

Obturation System Z-Down + Z-Up by Zarc


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6380025 Sistema obturación Z-Down €640.00 €575.00
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The Z-Down + Z-Up obturation system from Zarc consists of 2 pieces:

The Z-Down handpiece achieves optimal condensation and is an ergonomic, lightweight system with continuous wave heat transmission. It is designed to be extraordinarily easy for the endodontist to use: it can be turned on and off at any angle of 360º with a comfortable and secure grip.

It has a temperature range that oscillates between 90º and 250º, as well as the ability to memorize up to 5 custom programs: specialists can save optimal temperature and time parameters based on the obturation material used. The handpiece heats and cools quickly to achieve total control and safety throughout the treatment. Additionally, only the 4-6 mm of the plugger tip is heated to prevent burns on soft tissue.

Its exclusive design allows comfortable use of the device at any angle and features interchangeable pluggers of different sizes. Thus, the device can adapt perfectly to the anatomy of any canal.

Z-Down includes 3 pluggers:

  • Small (black) 40/0.025.
  • Medium (yellow) 50/0.05.
  • Large (blue) 60/0.06.

Its lithium battery (2600 mAh) makes it more efficient and allows the device to operate while charging.

The Z-Up handpiece is the ultimate three-dimensional thermoplastic obturation system. It is used to achieve optimal canal filling: it maintains the thermoplastic temperature of the gutta-percha and promotes a smooth flow within the root canal. Z-Up provides a consistent flow of gutta-percha, ensuring uniform and gap-free obturation. Additionally, with its 360º rotation, it facilitates filling from any angle.

Like Z-Down, it has a temperature range of 90º to 250º and has the ability to memorize up to 5 custom programs based on the obturation material used. It also features a display for temperature and exclusion speed adjustments (adjustable by computer), as well as a gutta-percha reserve level indicator.

Its tips serve for multiple uses by only changing the gutta-percha pellet, and it has a highly efficient lithium battery (2600 mAh). It can be used while charging.

Z-Up includes two silver tips:

Large (23 G).

Small (25 G).

Both devices are available separately or as a set.


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