Zarc and Víttrea are Platinum Sponsors of the 42nd Annual Endodontic Congress

42nd National Endodontics Congress: IPG Dental Presents Zarc and Víttrea

The 42nd National Endodontics Congress (also with magnification innovations), organized by the Spanish Association of Endodontics (AEDE), is an eagerly anticipated event taking place from Thursday, October 27th to Saturday, October 29th at the Auditorium - Congress Palace of Zaragoza. IPG Dental is proud to be represented by its brands Zarc and Víttrea at this prominent event, where the participation of over 1,000 endodontic specialists from across Spain is expected.

Innovation and Magnification in Endodontics

Throughout the three days of the congress, Zarc and Víttrea will have an exclusive space where attendees can explore the latest innovations in the field of dentistry. From revolutionary multialloy systems like BlueShaper® and SlimShaper® by Zarc to cutting-edge Ergo Lupas by Víttrea, visitors can discover the market-leading technologies.

An exciting addition is the First Clinical Cases Encounter presented by Zarc, designed for young students of endodontic master's programs. Fifteen preselected individuals will have the opportunity to present their clinical cases to a jury composed of three experienced endodontists. Additionally, attendees will enjoy exclusive discounts only available at AEDE Zaragoza.

Zarc's Talks and Workshops

Zarc presents an extensive program of talks and workshops led by renowned international endodontists. These events will address key topics related to continuous and reciprocating rotary instrumentation. Here's a glimpse of the program:

Thursday, October 27th:

  • 18:00h – 19:30h: Hands-on Workshop "Endodontics with State-of-the-Art Continuous Rotary Instrumentation and 3D Filling" – conducted by Dr. Carlos Franco and Dr. Rafael Cisneros.

Friday, October 28th:

  • 09:45h – 10:30h: Lecture "Optimizing Disinfection in the Apical Region without Compromising the Critical Pericervical Zone" – delivered by Dr. Alejandro Pérez Ron.
  • 11:45h – 13:45h: Talk "Latest Advances in State-of-the-Art Mechanized Instrumentation, Irrigation, and 3D Filling" – presented by Dr. Carlos Daniel Franco.
  • 16:30h – 17:15h: Hands-on Workshop Excalibur® "Endodontics with State-of-the-Art Reciprocating Instrumentation and 3D Filling" – conducted by Dr. Leandro Gomila and Dr. Francisco de la Torre.

Saturday, October 29th:

  • 11:45h – 13:45h: Hands-on Workshop SlimShaper® "Minimally Invasive Endodontics with State-of-the-Art Instruments and 3D Filling" – conducted by Dr. Alberto Sierra and Dr. Carlos Franco.

Exclusive Discounts by Víttrea

Víttrea will present the most extensive range of magnification loupes in the market, ranging from 2.5X to 10X, including options like Ergo, Galileo, or Kepler. A team of optometrists, product specialists, and dentists will provide personalized assistance during the congress.

In this edition, Víttrea will collaborate by offering the Flexion Advanced Microscope by CJ-Optik in workshops with practical components and will raffle Víttrea's Galileo 3.2X loupes among those registered for Zarc's workshops. The registration deadline is still open, giving participants the chance to automatically enter the draw by visiting the congress website.

IPG Dental, alongside Zarc and Vittrea, anticipates a thrilling  and educational congress. Let's meet at Zaragoza!

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