Ergo Loupes by Víttrea

Ergo Loupes by Víttrea


Víttrea's customisable dental loupes with Ergo optics are the postural revolution.


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V6E Ergo 6.0X €3,160.00 €3,002.00
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V7.5E Ergo 7.5X €3,400.00 €3,230.00
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V3E Ergo 3.0X €2,640.00 €2,508.00
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V4E Ergo 4.0X €2,840.00 €2,698.00
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V5E Ergo 5.0X €3,000.00 €2,850.00
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V10E Ergo 10.0X €3,720.00 €3,534.00
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Víttrea's customisable dental loupes with Ergo optics are the postural revolution. They are designed for the dentist to maintain an ideal ergonomic posture. You can choose from various magnifications depending on your needs: 3.0X, 4.0X, 5.0X, 6.0X, 7.5X and 10.0X. Choose the frame that suits you best. Our catalogue includes frames for binocular magnifying loupes that cover all styles, combining comfort and lightness.

Ergo 3.0X Dental Loupes by Víttrea

Víttrea's Ergo 3.0X magnifying loupes are designed for procedures that require the widest field of view. Perfect for general dentistry, hygienists and dental technicians.

Ergo 4.0X Dental Loupes by Víttrea

Víttrea's Ergo 4.0X loupes have been designed for use in general, restorative and aesthetic dentistry, as well as in other clinical procedures that require a high degree of detail, but without sacrificing a field of vision that matches the treatment.

Ergo 5.0X Dental Loupes by Víttrea

The Ergo 5.0X loupes from Víttrea are ideal for treatments requiring high definition. Thanks to its optical parameters, this magnification is very versatile and appreciated in specialties such as microsurgery, periodontics and dental aesthetics.

Ergo 6.0X Dental Loupes by Víttrea

The Ergo 6.0X loupes from Víttrea are designed for extra precision, e.g. in endodontics and microsurgery. They allow you to work in a very detailed way, without sacrificing comfort, thanks to their excellent optical parameters.

Ergo 7.5X Dental Loupes by Víttrea

The 7.5X Ergo loupes from Víttrea are the preferred choice for endodontists who want to combine maximum precision and detail with a lightweight loupe that can be used for long procedures. It impresses with its excellent depth of field and image sharpness.

Ergo 10.0X Dental Loupes by Víttrea

Víttrea's Ergo 10X loupes have the highest magnification on the dental loupes market, a revolution for professionals who are looking for a great degree of detail without renouncing the comfort, lightness and ergonomic posture that characterise Ergo loupes.

Ergo loupes represent a new concept in ergonomics and vision. They are the first dental loupes on the market with a declination angle of 60°, allowing you to view the work area without bending your neck, while keeping your back completely straight. This neutral posture allows you to work with perfect ergonomics. An innovative design that will surprise you with its extraordinary lightness and optical quality.

They avoid pain and muscle tension, allowing the professional to work in a healthy way. Thanks to their fast learning curve and wide range of magnifications, they are recommended for all specialities.


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