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Zarc IrriFlex

Zarc IrriFlex

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IrriFlex is a new irrigation needle system from ZARC featuring two lateral holes at the tip that achieve enhanced debris cleaning through advanced irrigation. It comes with a luer-lock fitting and a 27 mm long tip.

Unlike traditional metal needles, the IrriFlex system is made from a soft polypropylene body, which is dentin-friendly and can easily adapt to the anatomy of each root canal. This allows it to reach closer to the apex during irrigation, accessing areas that were previously impossible to reach.

The patented design of IrriFlex includes 2 holes at the tip for powerful lateral irrigation and has a conical shape to match the canal preparation, thereby increasing shear stress along the walls. The result is significantly improved cleaning and irrigation.

IrriFlex enhances root canal accessibility through the combination of the 2 holes with the conical shape of the tip.

Key advantages of ZARC's IrriFlex irrigation needles include:

  • Individual packaging for single-patient use.
  • Cost-effective and efficient (time-saving).

Irrigation with a single needle, regardless of the canal size. Available in packs of 40 units.


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