Z-Evo Mini Endomotor by Zarc
Z-Evo Mini Endomotor by Zarc
Z-Evo Mini Endomotor by Zarc
Z-Evo Mini Endomotor by Zarc
Z-Evo Mini Endomotor by Zarc
Z-Evo Mini Endomotor by Zarc

Z-Evo Mini Endomotor by Zarc


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"The Z-Evo Mini endodontic motor from Zarc has everything needed for treatments in a compact size. It operates with both continuous and reciprocating rotation. The slim and compact design enhances comfort and mobility. The motor allows torque calibration through an OLED screen that can be rotated for use with both right and left hands.

It features an adjustable head with a 360º rotation angle, enabling it to reach any canal, enhancing visibility and posterior access.

During use, the screen displays immediate torque, allowing the dentist or clinician to adjust parameters based on each instrumentation system. This helps prevent exceeding maximum levels that could lead to file breakage. Additionally, the motor has intelligent stress management; when it reaches the torque limit, it oscillates until stress is reduced (instead of going into reverse mode).

The Z Evo Mini's battery is powerful, with a long-lasting 1,500 mAh lithium battery that enables usage while connected to the power supply.

It can perform both rotary and reciprocating movements, making the Z Evo Mini compatible with any rotary file system on the market.

Remarkably lightweight at less than 100 grams, it reduces hand fatigue during treatment, allowing for optimal motor handling.

Additional Z-Evo Mini details to consider:

Weight: 99 grams.

Torque: 0.5 to 4.0 Ncm.

Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz."


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