Different types of sealing cements for endodontics

Today we will talk about the different types of dental cement and their application in endodontic treatment.

Sealing is a fundamental part of any endodontic treatment. In these types of interventions, a large part of success or failure depends on its quality.

However, sometimes, the specialist needs to cure small lesions in the canal before its definitive sealing.

1. Obturating Dental Cement

The main objectives of a successful endodontic treatment are good cleaning and shaping, and a perfect canal obturation.

Currently, the most common methods in the obturation phase are based on the use of gutta-percha cones. However, this material is not capable of completely sealing the canal by itself. That's why the role of sealing cements is essential: they are responsible for covering the dentin and filling small irregularities that gutta-percha cannot occupy.

2. Bioceramic Dental Cement

Bioceramic cements function very similarly to human tissues. They are biocompatible, capable of being reabsorbed, and they stimulate the regeneration of natural tissues.

These particular features allow the dentist to facilitate the sealing of small perforations, improve pulp coverage, or promote apical regeneration.

3. Repairing Dental Cement

In recent years, the use of MTA has increased significantly in endodontics. Currently, repairing cements incorporate this material that promotes bone formation. Therefore, MTA is mainly used to seal communication pathways between the root canal system and periradicular tissues. Its antibacterial effects make it an ideal product for obturation.

The Best Obturating Cements for Endodontics

Now that we have talked about the different types of obturating dental cement and their direct application in endodontics, it's time to mention the best cements on the market.

Here is our list of essential cements:

NeoSealer Flo by Avalon Biomed. It is a bioceramic dental cement sealer that facilitates the formation of hydroxyapatite to accelerate the healing of small lesions. It is a biocompatible, antimicrobial, and dimensionally stable product. It has been specifically designed to promote setting and improve bioactivity.

neosealer-floEssenSeal by PDSA. It is a zinc oxide-based dental cement sealer with Melaleuca essential oil for complex three-dimensional obturations. EssenSeal is highly fluid, allowing easier penetration into the canal anatomy and achieving a perfect seal. The product's application provides a perfect coating of the canal walls for quick and easy insertion of gutta-percha points. essenseal-pdsaAH Plus by Dentsply Sirona. It is a two-component epoxy-amine polymer-based paste used to achieve a high-quality permanent seal. Ah Plus is the perfect solution to address post-operative sensitivity and chronic apical inflammation issues. The mixture's consistency offers optimal viscosity for cleaner, safer, and faster work. It is a highly biocompatible product.


Welcome to the future of endodontics!

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