Modular Endodontics Course in Granada organised by Roots Canal Academy

Discovering the Modular Endodontics Course in Granada with the Experts

The Modular Endodontics Course in Granada, an unmissable event for dental professionals, will take place at the Catalonia Hotel. Renowned endodontist José Conde Pais and his expert colleagues Alberto Sierra Lorenzo, Alejandro Peña López, and José Bahillo Varela will lead the sessions.

Organized by Roots Canal Academy in collaboration with IPG Dental, this 4-module course will delve into various aspects of the endodontic discipline, covering everything from diagnosis to apicoformation and more.

An Immersion into Endodontics

This modular course is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of endodontics. Over four modules, attendees will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various key areas of this discipline.

Modular Course Program

Module 1: Diagnosis, Coronal Opening, and Rotary Instrumentation

Date: February 16 and 17

The first module will cover the fundamentals of endodontics, internal dental anatomy, endodontic pathology, diagnosis, radiology, and CBCT. Prognostic techniques in endodontics and strategies for achieving absolute isolation will be discussed. In addition, coronal access cavities, canal localization, and rotary instrumentation techniques will be explored.

In preclinical practices, participants will apply their knowledge in canal localization, coronal pre-enlargement, and instrumentation with rotary files, along with CBCT software handling.

Module 2: Obturation, Canal Irrigation, Apicoformation, and Complex Cases I

Date: March 23 and 24

This module will focus on chemical-mechanical disinfection, different irrigants and their irrigation protocols, as well as the latest endodontic trends. Three-dimensional obturation techniques, materials and techniques, apicoformation, and revascularization will be explored. Vital pulp treatment and the management of large calibers will also be addressed.

Preclinical practices will allow attendees to try obturation techniques in various workshops and perform apicoformation with bioceramic material.

Module 3: Complex Cases and Retreatment

Date: April 20 and 21

This module will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of dental perforations and resorptions, managing curvatures and obstacles like separated instruments. Treatments through the crown, non-surgical retreatments, and how to overcome challenges such as fiber posts and silver points will be discussed.

Participants will practice sealing furcation perforations with bioceramic material, overcome simulated step-ups in acrylic blocks, and perform canal deobturations in retreatment practices.

Module 4: Reconstruction of the Endodontically Treated Tooth

Date: May 25 and 26

The final module will delve into the reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth, including characteristics, whitening, and the restoration of anterior and posterior teeth.

Preclinical practices will focus on the reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth.

More Than One Expert Endodontist

Let's meet the experts leading this course:

  • José Conde Pais: Exclusive endodontist with extensive experience and a member of AEDE and SEOC.
  • Alberto Sierra Lorenzo: Endodontist and collaborating professor in the Master of Endodontics at the European University of Madrid and coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Clinical and Microscopic Specialties at the Catholic University of Murcia.
  • Alejandro Peña López: Endodontist with certification in Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth and experience in teaching.
  • José Bahillo Varela: Endodontist specializing in Advanced Endodontics and other fields, with a prominent career in private practice.

Registrations and Details

This course has a limited number of spots, only 20. The price is €3,600 (€3,200 before December 31, 2022), and a prior reservation of €500 is required. The course will take place at the Catalonia Hotel Granada, Av. de Madrid, 10, 18012 Granada.

This event represents a unique opportunity to enhance your skills as an endodontist and learn from prominent experts in the field. Don't miss out!

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