Endodontics Modular Course in Granada organized by Roots Canal Academy

Endodontics Modular Course: Your Door to Dental Excellence

Endodontics, as a dynamic branch of dentistry, is constantly evolving, driving the need to stay updated with the latest advances and techniques to ensure top-level patient care. Roots Canal Academy, in collaboration with IPG Dental, presents the next edition of the modular Endodontics course, designed to enrich your skills and broaden your knowledge in this field. We invite you to discover everything you need to know about the new educational session in Granada.

Dates and Location
This new course will take place at the Hotel Catalonia Granada (Avda. de Madrid, 10, Albaicín, 18012 – Granada, Phone: 958 27 79 60).

The dates are between May 23 and October 25.

Modular Structure
The course is divided into four theoretical-practical modules, designed to provide you with a deep and practical understanding of Endodontics. Below is a glimpse into the course program:

Module 1: Diagnosis, coronal opening, and rotary instrumentation.
Dates: May 23 and 24.

In this module, you will explore key concepts, from diagnosis to rotary instrumentation. Additionally, you will dive into dental internal anatomy, endodontic pathology, and the use of technologies such as radiology and CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography).

Module 2: Anatomic instrumentation, irrigation in endodontics, obturation with bioceramics.
Dates: June 27 and 28.

This module focuses on advanced instrumentation techniques, effective irrigation, and the use of bioceramic materials in canal obturation. You will also explore topics such as apicoformation and revascularization.

Module 3: Complex cases, endodontic retreatment, canal system obturation.
Dates: September 12 and 13.

You will tackle complex cases, including retreatments, and learn how to face obstacles such as perforations or the presence of separated instruments.

Module 4: Reconstruction of the endodontically treated tooth.
Dates: October 24 and 25.

In this last module, clinical cases will be presented, and tooth reconstruction after endodontic treatments will be addressed. In addition, restoration techniques and appropriate material selection will be explored.

Meet the Experts
These courses are led by a team of distinguished professionals in the field of Endodontics:

Dr. Alberto Sierra Dr. Carlos Ibáñez Dr. Alejandro Peña Dr. Martín Jiménez Dr. José Conde Dr. José Bahillo

Limited spots available, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. A prior payment of €500 is required to reserve your spot. The total cost of the course is €2,495.

For more information and to register, you can contact the following phone number: +34 984 491 808 or send an email to: formacion@o2oacademy.com.

These modular Endodontics courses represent a unique opportunity to boost your career in dentistry and improve the quality of care you provide to your patients.

Don't miss this opportunity for learning and professional development!

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