Discover the difference: our own SAT at IPG Dental

One of our fundamental pillars at IPG Dental is our own Technical Support Service (SAT), a feature that sets us apart in the market.

What is our own SAT?

At IPG Dental, we not only provide quality products, but also ensure they are backed by top-tier technical support.

Our own SAT is a specialized team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that every product sold operates perfectly and that our customers receive necessary support if issues arise.

Why is our own SAT important?

Dentistry is a field that requires precision and reliability at every step of the process. From magnification to dental aesthetics, we understand the importance of having equipment and tools that perform optimally at all times.

With our own SAT, our customers can rest assured knowing that we are here to assist with any technical issues or inquiries.

Benefits of IPG Dental's own SAT

IPG Dental's own Technical Support Service (SAT) stands as a cornerstone for our customers, offering a comprehensive range of benefits designed to ensure maximum satisfaction and efficiency:

  • Quick and efficient response to technical inquiries.
  • Highly qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Personalized assistance for each client and situation.
  • Guarantee of quality and reliability in every service provided.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction in every interaction.

From resolving technical issues to providing expert advice, we've seen how our own SAT team has made a difference in the daily practice of many dental professionals.

At IPG Dental, our commitment goes beyond the quality of our products; it extends to every interaction with our customers. With our own SAT, we are here to support the dental community every step of the way.

Do you have any experiences to share about our own SAT? Questions on how we can better assist you? Write to us at or call our customer service line at 984 491 808.

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