Caso Clínico: tratamiento de endodoncia con Excalibur® de Zarc por el Dr. Ricardo Cardona

In endodontic practice, each case presents its own challenges and peculiarities. On this occasion, we want to share a clinical case by Dr. Ricardo Cardona, where the Excalibur® system from Zarc was used to address a complex endodontic situation in a 90-year-old patient.

Clinical Case

The patient presented a delicate situation: a previously endodontically treated tooth with problems of underfilling and underextension in the mesial roots, along with overfilling and gutta-percha extension in the distal root. Additionally, symptomatic apical periodontitis was evident.

All of this complicated by the presence of a removable prosthesis abutment that the patient wished to retain. Faced with this scenario, a retreatment of the affected tooth was proposed, followed by reconstruction and placement of a crown.

Excalibur® by Zarc: the revolution in reciprocating files

To tackle this challenge, Dr. Cardona chose to use Excalibur® by Zarc, a single-file reciprocating instrumentation system, known for its conservative approach, speed, and ease of use. Designed to adapt to any type of dental anatomy, Excalibur® stands out for its accessibility and suitability for specialists of all experience levels.

In this specific case, Excalibur E25 files were used for the mesiobuccal and mesiolingual canals, and the E45 for the distal canal. This choice allowed for precise and conservative canal preparation, minimizing the removal of healthy dental tissue.

For canal obturation, next-generation Zarc bioceramics were used: NeoSealer Flo® for the mesial canals and Neoputty® for the distal canal. These materials offer significant advantages in terms of biocompatibility, heat resistance, and dimensional stability, contributing to effective and long-lasting obturation.

Reasons why Excalibur® file is the perfect choice:

Discover the numerous advantages offered by Excalibur® in the field of endodontics:

  • Conservative and fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gold Thermal Treatment.
  • Reduced taper.
  • Reciprocating movement.
  • Variety of apical sizes.

The NeoSealer Flo® bioceramic sealing cement promotes hydroxyapatite formation, which favors dentin regeneration thanks to:

  • High biocompatibility.
  • Radiopacity.
  • Stain-free.
  • Pre-mixed.
  • Resin-free.
  • Flexible floss tip.

The NeoPUTTY® bioceramic repair cement provides excellent performance for dental procedures involving vital pulp and periradicular tissue. It is characterized by:

  • High biocompatibility.
  • Radiopacity.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Resistance to immediate washing.
  • Superior aesthetics.
  • Easy handling.
  • Pre-mixed.
  • Resin-free.
  • Versatility and long shelf life.

In conclusion, the clinical case performed by Dr. Ricardo Cardona using the Excalibur® system from Zarc together with Neoputty® and NeoSealer Flo® bioceramics proved to be successful in addressing a complex endodontic situation.

The combination of advanced technology and high-quality materials effectively resolved the issues of underfilling, overfilling, and apical periodontitis, providing the patient with a durable and functional solution.

At IPG Dental, we take pride in sharing clinical experiences like this one, which reflect our commitment to excellence in dental care and the advancement of dental practice.

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