All the benefits of Kiyomi whitening treatments

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure in aesthetic dentistry that not only improves the appearance of teeth but also boosts patients' confidence and self-esteem.

At IPG Dental, we offer a range of Kiyomi whitening options, each designed to meet different needs and ensure effective and long-lasting results.

Benefits of Kiyomi Clinical and At-Home Whitening

Notable Aesthetic Improvement:

Whitening treatments remove stains and discolorations, restoring patients' confidence in their smiles.

Quick and Visible Results:

From the start of the treatment, patients experience a whiter and brighter smile.

Customized Treatment:

Each patient receives a treatment tailored to their specific needs, taking dental sensitivity into account and ensuring a satisfactory result with minimal side effects.

Long-Term Maintenance:

By adopting recommended care habits, the effects of the whitening can last a long time.

Discover the Kiyomi K-Bleach Family

Kiyomi offers a complete catalog of dental whitening products under the K-Bleach line, providing a wide range of solutions to enhance aesthetics, allowing the dentist to apply combined techniques tailored to each treatment and patient.

K-Bleach 16% Home, At-Home Whitening:

Description: At-home dental whitening with 16% carbamide peroxide, supervised by a dentist.

Benefits: Notable results in a short time, neutral pH formula to reduce dental sensitivity, and high viscosity to ensure treatment effectiveness without waste.

Available in: Kit of 4 syringes of 3 ml each or Kit of 2 syringes + 1 desensitizing gel K-Desens 5%.

K-Bleach 35%, Clinical Whitening:

Description: Clinical whitening kit with high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Benefits: Visible results in short 15-minute sessions, formulation that prevents dental overheating, and kit that minimizes material waste.

K-Bleach RM, Microabrasive:

Description: Microabrasive with silicon carbide to remove deep stains before whitening.

Benefits: Ideal for tough stains like those from fluorosis and pigments, offering aesthetic results that resemble the tooth's original appearance.

In short, Kiyomi offers a range of whitening products that allow the dentist to apply combined techniques tailored to each treatment and patient.


The K-Bleach whitening line is exclusively available in our online store.

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