Aesthetic transformation: the clinical case of Dr. Joana Souza with Kiyomi Dental products

The latest clinical case of Dr. Joana Souza, a distinguished professional in the field of dentistry, highlights the importance of preserving dental functionality. The case, titled 'Composite Veneers: Conservative Treatment with Naturalness and Aesthetics', published in the journal Gaceta Dental, was approached using products from Kiyomi Dental.

The patient, a 28-year-old woman looking to renew her old composite resin restorations, was the focus of this clinical case. Dr. Souza took on the challenge and used cutting-edge products from Kiyomi Dental. The key to success was the use of Kiyomi's photopolymerizable nanohybrid composite resin 'Aster', known for its versatility and exceptional aesthetics. In addition, the photopolymerizable adhesive 'K-Bond + Universal' played a crucial role in the process, ensuring lasting adhesion and impeccable aesthetic results.


Dr. Souza's words, "direct composite resin restorations in the anterior sector pose a challenge in daily clinical practice," resonate deeply in this case. Her skill in applying modern aesthetic dentistry techniques in the transformation of the patient's teeth 1.1 and 2.1 was remarkably skilled and precise. The combination of Aster and K-Bond + Universal not only achieved a natural appearance but also promised durability and comfort.

(Before and After)


This clinical case by Dr. Souza is a testament to how aesthetic dentistry is not only about improving appearance but also about preserving the natural integrity of the patient's smile.

Materials used

Dr. Souza used cutting-edge products from Kiyomi Dental, including:

Aster (Kiyomi): A photopolymerizable nanohybrid composite resin, ideal for both direct and indirect restorations. It features characteristics such as four levels of translucency, opalescence, fluorescence, and a mean particle size of 0.5 µm, ensuring a natural and durable finish.

K-Bond + Universal: A photopolymerizable adhesive with an innovative formula that guarantees lasting adhesion, suitable for various surfaces such as enamel, dentin, metal, ceramic, or composite resin.

You can read the complete clinical case here.

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