K-Bond+ Universal Adhesive by Kiyomi Dental
K-Bond+ Universal Adhesive by Kiyomi Dental
K-Bond+ Universal Adhesive by Kiyomi Dental
K-Bond+ Universal Adhesive by Kiyomi Dental

K-Bond+ Universal Adhesive by Kiyomi Dental

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K-Bond+ Universal by Kiyomi is a light-curable adhesive with MDP for enhanced adhesion, resulting in more durable outcomes.

It can be applied to enamel, dentin, metal, ceramic, or composite resin. Its formula includes a potent camphorquinone neutralizer, making it entirely colorless during the entire etching process and not altering the final restoration and cementation result. K-Bond+ Universal adhesive by Kiyomi is suitable for various etching protocols: self-etching, selective etching, and final cementation. It combines the primer and bond in the same bottle for the simplification and optimization of clinical times.

The solvent is ethanol-based, presenting chemical characteristics that guarantee the quality of curing (even in environments with high humidity) and, consequently, the durability of the adhesive film.

K-Bond+ Universal is indicated for all types of direct resin restorations, adhesive cementation of fiberglass, ceramic, resin, and metal posts, ceramic adhesive repairs, and adhesive increase of ceramic or metal prosthetic pieces. It is compatible with dual-cure, self-cure, or light-cure cements. Available in a 5 ml bottle.


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