Thermafil Verifiers by Dentsply Sirona
Thermafil Verifiers by Dentsply Sirona
Thermafil Verifiers by Dentsply Sirona
Thermafil Verifiers by Dentsply Sirona

Thermafil Verifiers by Dentsply Sirona


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A017502590100 Set, 50-90 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502507000 Calibre 70 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502506000 Calibre 60 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502502500 Calibre 25 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502502000 Calibre 20 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502503000 Calibre 30 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502504500 Calibre 45 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502509000 Calibre 90 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502504000 Calibre 40 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502505000 Calibre 50 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502508000 Calibre 80 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502503500 Calibre 35 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502590000 Set, 20-45 €29.74 €25.27
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A017502505500 Calibre 55 €29.74 €25.27
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The Dentsply Sirona Thermafil verifier is an instrument used to verify the final fit of the Thermafil tip by measuring the canal prior to obturation.

They have
made of NiTi alloy, they are extremely flexible and ready to adapt naturally to
flexible and ready to adapt naturally to the most prepared root canals.
prepared root canals. These canal calibrators are equipped with
notches on the shaft to indicate the length, thus facilitating easier retreatment.
 easier retreatment.
They are also really simple to use:

At first, the specialist must gently slide it to the working length without effort.
working length without effort. If the tester does not reach the working
working length, it may be necessary to increase the taper of the preparation or to use a smaller
preparation or use a tester of a smaller size.

When removed, there should be a slight sensation of resistance. If this is not
 If not, try a tester of a larger size.

Technical characteristics:

- Length: 25 mm.

- Taper: .04.

- Includes silicone stoppers.

- Color coded.

 in 12 sizes ranging from 20 to 90. Available in packs of
 6 units and also in 2 assortments: 20-45 and 50-90.


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