Endosuccess Retreatment Ultrasonic Tips by Acteon
Endosuccess Retreatment Ultrasonic Tips by Acteon
Endosuccess Retreatment Ultrasonic Tips by Acteon
Endosuccess Retreatment Ultrasonic Tips by Acteon

Endosuccess Retreatment Ultrasonic Tips by Acteon


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F88014 ET40D €138.00 €128.80
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F88018 ET25 €146.00 €136.27
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F88013 ET20D €138.00 €128.80
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F88020 ETBD €146.00 €136.27
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F88012 ET40 €135.00 €126.00
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F88021 ET25S €146.00 €136.27
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F88017 ET18D €138.00 €128.80
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F88022 ET25L €146.00 €136.27
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F88019 ETPR €124.00 €115.73
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F88011 ET20 €135.00 €126.00
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F00737 Kit puntas surtidas €627.00 €585.20
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The Endosuccess ultrasonic tips for retreatment by  Acteon are useful for non-surgical reinterventions in endodontic treatments. The kit contains 6 instruments that cover the entire endodontic process: from canal location to canal retreatment, including the removal of posts and crowns.

The available tips are:

ET18D: Used in the pulp chamber to remove calcifications, dentinal residues, or filling materials.

ET20 and ET20D: Allows working in the coronal third to remove fillings, silver cones, and fractured instruments. There is a diamond-coated version for very hard materials (ET20D).

ET25: A flexible titanium-niobium insert, resistant and with good ultrasonic transmission even for delicate canals (for the coronal and apical thirds). It allows the removal of fractured instruments. Available in a short version, ET25S (for the coronal third and isthmuses), and a long version, ET25L (for the apical third of long and straight canals).

ET40 and ET40D: Long inserts (40 mm) for the removal of fractured instruments in the middle third of long canals. The "D" version is diamond-coated for harder materials.

ETBD: An insert created for lateral condensation of gutta-percha.

ETPR: Intended for the removal of posts and crowns.

The Endosuccess retreatment tips can be purchased separately or in a kit:

Individual tips available: ET18D, ET20, ET20D, ET25, ET25S, ET25L, ET40, ET40D, ETBD, ETPR.

Endosuccess Retreatment Kit: ET18D, ET20, ET25, ET25S, ETBD, ETPR, 1 sterilizable key, 1 stainless steel box/support.


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