Aster Composite by Kiyomi
Aster Composite by Kiyomi
Aster Composite by Kiyomi
Aster Composite by Kiyomi

Aster Composite by Kiyomi

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Opciones disponibles

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KYMASB05JER B0,5 €24.00 €13.60
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KYMASDA2JER DA2 €33.00 €18.70
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KYMASDA3JER DA3 €33.00 €18.70
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KYMASDA1JER DA1 €33.00 €18.70
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KYMASEA2JER EA2 €33.00 €18.70
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KYMASEA3JER EA3 €33.00 €18.70
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KYMASEA1JER EA1 €33.00 €18.70
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Aster by Kiyomi is a light-curable nanohybrid composite resin for direct and indirect restorations of anterior and posterior teeth.

An innovative silanization process is employed to achieve greater consistency and easier handling. It features four levels of translucency, opalescence, and fluorescence, along with excellent mechanical properties. Patients can enjoy improved polishability and even greater brilliance. The average particle size is 0.5 µm.

Aster is especially suitable for anterior and posterior sectors (Class I, II, III, IV, and V).

The unique design of the syringe body is anatomical, fitting perfectly into the dentist's palm. Additionally, the easy-to-handle flip-flop cap can be opened and closed with one hand. Its airtight seal ensures the preservation of the resin.

The enamel and dentin colors faithfully follow the VITAPAN Classical scale.

Available colors:

Dentin DA1, DA2, and DA3 (4g syringe).

Enamel EA1, EA2, and EA3 (4g syringe).

B0.5 (2g syringe).


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