CJ-Optik Twin Blue & Twin White Microscope

CJ-Optik Twin Blue & Twin White Microscope


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CJ-Optik Flexion Twin microscope, a newly-launched line that goes one step further in the application of magnification use thanks to the fact that it incorporates a wide range of new functionalities.

The 2 Twin models are equipped with two LED light sources:

- Twin Blue uses its fluorescent light to show boundaries and transitions that are normally invisible between tooth and filling materials. This state-of-the-art microscope achieves exceptional visibility through fluorescence which improves the identification of restoration materials, tartar and caries.

- Twin White has full power of 2 LED lights that penetrate into even very deep root canals. This increase in light of up to 200,000 Lux allows superior lighting for very complicated endodontic treatments.

CJ-Optik Twin microscopes have a selective filter system:

- Green filter: improves the visibility of the blood supply in surgical applications.

- Orange filter: prevents light-curing of materials used during restorative procedures.

- Natural Light Filter: improves handling time of light-curing materials, with a colour reproduction closest to nature.

- Polarising filter: eliminates unwanted reflections caused by light on the tooth surface.

In addition, the specialist can enjoy complete control of filter selection and intensity on the LED display.

Both have an innovative system of apochromatic lenses with 5 magnification steps that guarantee a use that is perfectly suitable across all dental specialties. Its intuitive settings controls are at your fingertips to provide the best user experience. In addition, the Monoglobe system ensures that all repositioning can be performed quickly and accurately.

Twin Blue and Twin White offer a wide magnification range that allows a detailed view of the dental anatomy and the possibility to perform treatments with a really high degree of precision. They incorporate the VarioFocus variable focus system: VarioFocus2 200-350mm or VarioFocus3 210-470mm for accurate, fast and simple focus adjustment from the working distance. CJ-Optik s tiltable eyepieces and varifocal lenses allow the dentist to work with an ergonomic position that guarantees good postural and eye health.

The specialist can enjoy exceptional connectivity because it has a connection system (HDMI, USB and 24v) integrated within the swivel arm. It is a camera-compatible microscope for today’s latest digital generation, 4K, HD and Smartphone.

Its exclusive Sensor Unit function enables clinical case documentation with a single click. Function compatible with Sony cameras.

The highly acclaimed quality of the CJ-Optik microscope, as well as its minimalist and modern design guarantee customer satisfaction. With Flexion Twin the best professionals can enjoy an incomparable user experience in dental microscopy.

Our team of specialists can advise you and help you select the microscope model that best suits your needs.

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